The Core Is Soft, But Other Parts Are Hard

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, August 10, 2008
Okay. Michael Phelps is hot as all fuck. But I'm not watching any of the Olympics. When you look at Olympic athletes, you see inspiring heroes who have pushed the boundaries of human excellence. When I look at Olympic athletes, I see people who were beaten as children when they didn't live up to their parents' expectations.... But did I mention that Michael Phelps is hot as all fuck?:

That seemed like a very legitimate Japanese-made profile of Michael Phelps. Apparently, the Japanese don't realize when they've created softcore pornography. I thank them for their naivete.
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  1. ...And as I watched, a taiko track came up in my iTunes, and I, too, had to appreciate the Japanese-made "profile." Do his trunks ALWAYS not-fit? That is awesome.

    Also awesome: My captcha text is "ucoctzi."


  2. Oh, his cute little outfits all seem to fit just fine. They show just enough to make me wet.


  3. Stephanie Said,

    Mmm... oh how much I'd like to be a part of his training regimen.


  4. He's quite luscious, isn't he? IT'S NOT FAIR!


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