Demonic Jukebox*

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, August 25, 2008
I recently saw Control, the Joy Division biopic that traces the very brief rise and fall of lead singer Ian Curtis. It's sort of a Cliff's Notes version of the story about the band that would eventually morph into New Order, after Curtis committed suicide shortly following the release of Joy Division's first album. But the movie (now on DVD) is buoyed by a terrific imitation/performance/possession by Sam Riley who's so charismatic and hot that he is now my laptop's wallpaper. Sam Riley, will you father my children?

This week's Demonic Jukebox pick is the song that I currently can't get out of my head, the posthumously released "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Fortunately for us, a music video of the Joy Division song (later covered by New Order) was made prior to his death:

[*Thusly titled because selected songs are so catchy that they will get stuck in your head all week, which is, frankly, demonic.]
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  1. Narrioch Said,

    Come to Europe, he lives in Berlin now!


  2. Yeah.... To be with...A GIRL!!!!!



  3. Narrioch Said,

    Yeah, too bad buddy. Seems like all your current crushes are northern European straight guys! You've got to change tactics!


  4. My tactic is to convert them with the power of my gaze!


  5. Narrioch Said,

    What big eyes you have grandpa! But how postmodern. Hope you have better luck than me, I slyly gaze at men in cafes all day and none come over. A BOO HOO HOOOOO


  6. You must go to THEM. They are rendered immobile by your stare.


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