Good Blogging

My friends are doing some good blogging, especially in the point-counterpoint vein (I love their sometimes divergent perspectives), so let me lead you in the right directions:

On the Olympics. Scott Heim's obsession with the Olympics would be considered frightening, perhaps even creepy, if he weren't so goddamn cute. So check out his post about the games, which admits to all the parts that made him cry like a little bitch and offers up some fine eye candy. (Luigi Mastrangelo, can I lick you?!) As a counterpoint, Alan Goy compiles a list of Olympic malfeasance (I love conspiracies!), and Jason at Practical Peaceniks points out the unfortunate timing of the announcement that Sochi, Russia has been selected as the host of the winter Olympics in 2014. (Sometimes people point out to me that there are wars going on.)

On Rice Kings. Elsewhere, Mayka Mei gives a rather detailed breakdown of yellow fever and basically bitch-slaps it back to wherever it came from, while Madley at Mad's Mad World offers a thoughtful take on it from a very personal place.

On Straight Men and "The Other Side." And finally, straight guy Nevin Barich attempts to get in touch with his inner homosexual by going to see Mamma Mia!, as if that's enough (puh-lease!—open your mouth, bitch!), but he should really take notes from Mike Valentino, who actually gets the whole bi-curious thing right by writing me tender love letters.


  1. Everyone should take notes from me, but, uh, I dig boobs.


  2. Bitch slapping is my favorite!

  3. Mike, I am by no means denying your unabashed masculinity and heterosexuality. In fact, that's what makes you all the more hot. Go ahead and love those boobies. They make you what you are, and what you are is a man that I would abuse in so many naughty ways if I ever got a hold of some chloroform.

    May, oh *SNAP*!

  4. Mamma Mia helps me to find my gayness, damn it!!

  5. No, Nevin. Blowing a guy helps you find your gayness.