Here's $8 Million; Now Shut Up

The Village Voice published a fascinating article about Scientology's inner workings and how it paid out on a lawsuit it swore to never pay. I have no commentary about this because they're a few blocks away from me and I don't want them to come burn my house down.


  1. Rickrolled by Beaker? Be still my heart.

  2. A while back someone put the Scientology orientation videos on Youtube. They were hilarious.

    My favorite line was something like...

    "There's no pressure to join. You could walk away right now and never talk about Scientology ever again. You could also get a gun and blow your brains out. It would be stupid but you could do it."

  3. K., ah, yes, the Beaker Rick Roll is wonderful, but its main purpose is to cancel out the kind of horror that Howard points out.