Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, August 18, 2008
Jon Stewart presents his take on all the Olympic controversies. Fucking hilarious:

[Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting this.]
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  1. Ashley Said,

    Hilarious and Hot! I want him to father MY children.


  2. Marisela Said,

    That was AWESOME!

    I especially enjoyed seeing that Six Flags floating head guy presented in the context of a history of racial stereotypes in advertising. Thank you, Jon for making that point for me.

    This whole bit was hysterical. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Six Flags is a racist organization. I'll never go there again. Or buy a Ford or Toyota car. Or fly Boeing, or any airplane that uses Texaco gas for that matter. Or drink Coca Cola. . .


  4. Ladies, I'm glad you liked. Women of color love Jon Stewart. ;)

    Mike, why doesn't North Carolina secede from the union?


  5. Cheryl Said,

    I love the final 30 seconds on Chinese girls in sweatshops, and the Gossip Girl bit. So much of the anti-China coverage has been so hypocritical, and I'm glad I can count on Jon Stewart to call them on it. I don't want to believe he's mortal either.


  6. Apuykat Said,

    Favorite line: "You'll be making gym shoes for our [US] Children. Who will probably quit anyway since Gymnastics is hard."

    Thank you Jon!


  7. Ewan Said,

    FINALLY, somebody's making some sense.


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