Holy Wiener, Part 2

[This, apparently, is part of a continuing series. Here's Part 1.]

A while ago, the same actor friend of mine who refused to utter the words "Jesus" and "cock" in the same sentence was telling me about how much he enjoyed the script for Hamlet 2 and tried to get me a copy. I eventually found out that the movie, in theaters now, features a musical number titled "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus." I guess the times they are a changin'—not only because my actor friend no longer seemed to mind things like references to Jesus's "swimmer's body," but also because the audience that was at this morning's showing in Burbank of Hamlet 2 (which also features a musical number called "Raped in the Face") was comprised of old couples and sweet moms. Nobody fled the theater. What the fuck is this country coming to?!

So she loved the film and e-mailed me right away, and he hated it so much that he only provided a one-sentence review. So I had to go see for myself, of course.

I laughed. And I can't get "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" out of my head, and I defy you to banish it from your mind after you've heard it. It's impossible. But for all this talk of the movie's offensiveness, aside from those aforementioned songs, I do believe your random episode of South Park is probably about 10 times more offensive and audaciously shocking. Perhaps that's why the old couples and sweet moms were okay with humming "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus" on their way out.


  1. I've had "Rock Me, Sexy Jesus," stuck in my head!! I went to the panel at Comic con with Pam Brady, Andrew Fleming and Steve Coogan. I went with my mom. Oddly enough, she laughed. Which was weird to me...my mom usually would have said something like, "no one has respect for religion anymore." But No, instead on the drive home we kept singing along together, "rock me rock me rock me sexy jesus."

  2. Ooh, I could never go with my mom.... AWKward!

  3. as you know, i loved,loved, loved the film... i am humming that little ditty right now... and recently saw a bumper sticker saying:


    in mormon land, that was a hoot!