I Showered Beforehand

Someone told me once that the typical audience at a Bright Eyes concert looks like a Hilter Youth rally. But I think he was from the South, and don't all the places in the South where young people congregate look like a Hitler Youth rally?

I was never able to challenge his claim because I had never been to a Bright Eyes concert and my plans to attend one last year were thwarted by my own fame.

Conor Oberst (sans his Bright Eyes moniker) showed up at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles tonight to do a terrifically tight, free in-store performance with a six-piece backing band he dubs "The Mystic Valley Band." I was there. (Um...did you read the word "free" in that last sentence? Of course I was there!)

It did not look like a Hitler Youth rally. The place was packed with a diverse array of probably unwashed hipsters. You know, sort of like Conor Oberst—except audience members most likely have achieved a lot less during their lifetime compared to Oberst, who released his first album when he was 13. Yes, people, that's yet another reason to help you justify slitting your wrists.

Aside from the probably unwashed hipsters, there were a couple of people there who brought their guitars with them. WTF?! Who the hell brings their guitar to an Amoeba Records in-store?! Conor Oberst is so not going to lock eyes with you and ask you to join him on stage to strum a few chords! Where are you from?! The South?!

[Alas, the probably unwashed hipsters are good for something. They record everything, including my favorite song off the new album, "Moab":]

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