Shut the Fuck Up

Last October on AOL's now-defunct QueerSighted blog, I reported about the controversy over a gay-straight alliance club at Okeechobee High School in Florida. A handful of students wanted to nurture a culture of tolerance; the school board wanted to ban the club because it supposedly interfered with the board's archaic, abstinence-only sex education policy. The root assumption by the school board, of course, was that one of the only reasons for a gay-straight alliance was so that students could sit around and talk about ass fucking. And cock sucking. And rim jobs. I mean, that's what happens when The Gays organize at school, right? The reason they get together is not to support each other when they hear "fag" hurled in hallways or when they start contemplating suicide, no—they form a club to encourage each other to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck. So let's ban that. (In case the Okeechobee School Board stumbles upon this blog...I'm being sarcastic—I'm pointing this out because you apparently don't Understand Things.)

Anyway, the board was forced to pull their heads out of their asses earlier this week when a federal judge ruled that the gay-straight alliance must be allowed. There are a few bothersome clauses (the board can opt to make parental permission a requirement to join the club), but let's chalk up another minor victory.

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  1. Fuck parental permission. I'm not gay so I don't have the same experiences that you do, but come on. From what I've seen, gay teenagers are more concerned with the fag word being thrown around at home than at school. The only kid I knew from highschool that killed himself was a gay kid from a few grades up. He came out to his parents and his dad disowned him. So he shot himself in the face. So in my opinion parental permission is just as good as not allowing the club at all.

  2. Abstinence-only policies? Wanting to ban conversations of a sexual nature? Has that actually been effective in preventing sexual activity among teens, whether gay or straight, I wonder?
    I love that a judge by the name of K. Michael Moore is connected to this significant step toward justice.

  3. Mike, you see, that just breaks my heart.

    Peter, the answer is NO. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that abstinence-only education actually works. The horrible truth.