Not on Ken's Watch!

As you know, I'm much too busy doing things like trying to get my hands on a copy of The American Mall (MTV's answer to High School Musical) to pay attention to neighborhood spats, but, when Ken Narasaki says, "Fuck this asshole," then I'm going to listen and I'm also probably going to fuck this asshole.

Apparently, this past weekend's 35th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco's Japantown got off to a rocky start because a condo developer (who I believe lives in affluent Marin County) and his cronies started picking on the festival committee by calling the event one of many "look-alike street fairs with the same purveyors of schlocky souvenirs, mediocre food stands, and exhibitors who have absolutely no relationship to the community." His beef? He claimed that these festivals leave a mess in an already messy part of town: "The streets and sidewalks of this neighborhood are usually filthy, especially those that surround that appalling mall." If their demands for pristine streets weren't met? "We will not only oppose the event next year, we will look to small claims court to reimburse us for clean up costs."

I don't know the specifics of the situation, so I can't really speak to it, but the exchange of e-mails and subsequent string of angry comments from San Francisco citizens are entertaining and sometimes hilarious nonetheless. Read it all here.

[Thanks to Ken Narasaki for being an angrier Asian man than I.]


  1. you are an angry asian man.

    (six words...nah, didn't make me laugh as much as your sentence did)

  2. Because mine was oh-so-true. :)