Party Boy: No Remorse, No Surrender

I can't believe the following video clip has been sitting in one of my e-mail folders since January. (What gives?!) Taking the nightly news to a whole new level of simultaneous absurdity and discomfort, an Australian newswoman grills a guy about a wild street party he threw that resulted in damaged police cars and other neighborhood destruction:

[Thanks to Scott Heim for sending me months ago.]


  1. I think the funniest bit is where Party Boy says: "uh...sorry?"

    God, your website rocks! I'm so happy I found it, because now I get nothing done around the house. Thanks!

    ~ Louise

  2. Louise, welcome, welcome! And thanks!

    The O.C. can't be all that bad since you're there. (And I know I'm not supposed to call it the O.C., but I'm a rebel that way.)

  3. Isn't he the cutest asshole you've ever seen? The bad boy, of course, not Prince. Though Prince is cute too. And a bad boy, I hear.

  4. Ah! Sterling emerges from his beautiful bubble of young love! Enjoy it! :)