Put 'Em Up

Blogger and audiophile Howard Ho just posted some interesting commentary about how he's surprised that he and I can be combative about art (we have both referred to each other as "archnemesis") but remain friendly. After all, is it not Howard who I make fun of first when I go after people's seemingly blind love for There Will Be Blood? Is it not Howard who I have to defend myself against when expounding upon the virtues of the movie version of the Hairspray musical? And is it not Howard who was the first to post a response to my complex criticism of cultural elitism by elaborating on his own personal approach to artistic evaluation on his blog?

Ah, well, it's an awfully complex world we live in.

I will add this to the conversation: I take a kind of ownership with works of art that I love. When I convince someone to, say, see a movie I deeply admire and that person ends up hating it, I take it as a personal affront to my very being and I want to beat them over the head with one of my playwriting trophies.

Do you do this? Do you get protective of movies, music, books you love?


  1. Yes, yes I do do this.
    And if you do not worship the Spice Girls as much as I do, Prince - as well as their respective solo albums (did you even know about those?) - I will spank your nasty buttocks beyond the point of pleasure and into the realm of authentic pain.

  2. When it comes to my nasty buttocks, they know no such thing as "the realm of authentic pain."

  3. I'll be sure to wear a helmet next time I see you. But if Pork Chop can get the Oscar back, I'll let you beat me with that...sans helmet!