So THAT Happened

After 15 agonizing days of lameness, I finally went to see The Dark Knight in IMAX in Universal City with Gabriel and Loren.

PRINCE: This had better be the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

GABRIEL: I know,

PRINCE: And if it's not, then it's all your fault.

GABRIEL: Why is it
my fault?

PRINCE: Because it just is.

GABRIEL: Can we just agree that if it's not the best movie you have ever seen in your entire life, then it's all
Loren's fault?

(shrugs): Okay.

LOREN: Heeeeey.

Well, folks, I can tell you that The Dark Knight is a good movie. But if you're looking for someone to talk about The Dark Knight as if it's a hot, delicious, creamy load in the face (like here and here and here), then I am not your man. And it's all Loren's fault.


  1. Here's my film wonky take on The Dark Knight.

  2. Hmm. Let me go over there and see what I have to argue with you about.

  3. I was impressed with Heath Ledger's performance and was disappointed The Batman didn't have more of a role in his own film. What was the deal with his voice? It was an ok movie. I was more excited to see the beautiful backdrop of my city as I looked for myself in some of the street scenes.

  4. My overwhelming feeling was "Two-Face origin now? YAY!" and "when Batman talks I hate him" because I really just think we should be allowed the suspension of disbelief that no one would actually notice if Batman and Bruce Wayne speak in the same voice. Just like no one can tell that if Superman put his glasses on, he'd be a dead ringer for Clark Kent.

    But I totally loooooved Aaron Eckhart in this,and nobody has said anything about him at all, much to my chagrin. The Joker was pitch perfect and all, but I've always loved the idea of the criminal who's morality was decided by a coin toss.

  5. Superbadfriend and Lap, I know. That voice was one of the first things I remarked about when leaving the theater. You should try imitating it. It will annoy everyone around you.