Because Gmail is awesome, not very much spam makes it into my inbox—but the occasional one slips through the cracks. The following e-mail said this in the subject line: "Im wet right now." And the subject:

Greetings, your friend thinks we will totally get off. Find me on IM and lmk if Im dirty enough :) I wish to touch myself while you tell me what to do. Hurry I will not be waiting long. Can't answer to my email, you flirt with me onYahoo Chat

Yahoo Messenger: gwennbunny7


I don't know about you, but I am SO turned on right now. SO.


  1. Whew! I was worried my message wouldn't get through.
    Thanks for confirming.

  2. whew! i was worried my message wouldn't get through.

    thanks for confirming.

  3. Quin Browne, Queen Stalker of the queeny stalkers.
    LMFAO, dear my Quin!

  4. What's "lmk"? I hate that I'm not IM-savvy enough to get any hot dirty action online. Sigh.

  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swoon_(film)

  6. Peter and Quin...get a room!

    Cheryl, I don't know what the fuck "lmk" is either...and this is coming from someone who hooks up via IM ALL THE TIME!

    Vjesci, ah, yes, I've heard of that film, but, alas, have not yet viewed it or its gayness.

  7. i'm assuming that IMK means "i must know"

    haha. what very awkward spam mail. what kind of websites are you visiting, prince?!? haha.

  8. Solia, you are so hip! :)