Take This Poll Now!; or Who ARE You People?!, Part 2

As much as you think that Bamboo Nation is completely self-obsessed, I'll have you know that I sometimes think about you. You. YOU. And since knowing who you are helps me shape the content of this blog, I always enjoy finding out more about you. I already know quite a bit about the people who comment regularly here (and I love you!) or send me e-mails (and I love you too!) or happen to talk to me in person (there's enough love to go around!), but I think that's just scratching the surface of this blog's demographics, which, I'm sure, are actually full of surprises. For example, I was shocked to learn that absolutely no black people read this blog regularly and that I am, apparently, a hero to white America. (Where's my street cred?!)

Some of you have made other assumptions about this blog's readership. Remember when Nevin Barich so boldly asserted that straight women and gay men are "in short the exact demographics of Bamboo Nation!"? I'm not entirely sure that that's true. So let's find out.

Click here to take this poll, and I'll post the results in a few weeks.

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  1. i am straight, but, i have curly hair.

    does that count anywhere?