Take This Poll

In my continuing quest to find out everything about each and every one of you, I've created a new poll to confirm some of my guesses about who you all are. I think a pretty big chunk of my blog readers are bloggers themselves. Is that true? False? Take the following poll, so I can know you (and your soul):

And while you're at it, bloggers, it's time for you to do two things if you haven't done so already: this and this. (Yeah, Patrick, 'cuz your rss feed don't work!)


  1. patrick8/15/2008

    I'm working on it!!!

  2. speaking of blogs, i just moved mine from diaryland to livejournal. you can find it Here... i posted a lovely "art" photo of my boy's ass...you might want to take a look ;)

  3. I'll believe it when I see it, Patrick.

    Michael...you is NASTY. (I like, I like!)