Unsung Movies: "The Band's Visit"

A few days ago I instructed you to go and rent The Band's Visit immediately. Why, oh, why have you not done it yet? Are you like my friend Rica, who needs to see highfalutin praise from the goddamn The New Yorker before she'll give a movie a chance? Well, here. Or maybe you're like Howard Ho, who needs for film critics to put the movie on their top ten lists? Well, here. Or maybe you need the controversy that comes from a movie being banned to whet your appetite? Well, here. Or maybe you need to feel like a movie has suffered travesties of justice from such organizations as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences? Well, here.

Now do what I'm telling you.
You should need no other reasons, but wasn't I kind enough to provide them anyway?


  1. Or maybe you need a movie with outrageous action sequences, cameos, and a badass Asian chick?

    So is your next unsung movie going to be Charlie's Angels?

  2. Howard Ho needs a beating. He's lucky I like him so much.