Your MOM's Invisible

Huffington Post columnist John Ridley just posted an interesting piece called "Are Asians the New Invisible Man?," which wonders why Asian-Americans are often left out of the national dialogue about race. He perceptively deduces, "Blacks and whites are always carping about the metrics of racism. And any conversation about immigration reform is immediately flipped into a referendum on Hispanics."

But then he asks (perhaps naively?), "Why don't we hear more about and from Asians when it comes to race in America?" And his Asian colleagues told him that Asians mostly "don't care to talk about race. Instead, they tend to have a 'go along to get along' attitude."

I don't know about you, but I've been talking and writing about race relations since the beginning of my career. (Was it not I who wrote Bee, a play about an Asian-American man who literally becomes invisible?) And in the Asian-American arts circles that I run in, the dialogue on race has been ongoing—so ongoing that I sometimes want to either roll my eyes or say, "Shut the fuck up already!"

So it's not about Asian-Americans not talking. It's about people not listening or, as Ridley points out, not even asking in the first place.

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[Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting the link.]