Another Theatrical Event I Want to Fuck

Ewan (of The Prince and Jeff and Ewan Show) and his sketch comedy troupe, OPM, will present some of their greatest hits at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, starting September 5, 2008, in a show titled Exotic Messages. You can read all about them and their many accolades and their willingness to disrobe in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Like Ching Chong Chinaman, I want to fuck Exotic Messages too. Whenever I hear the words "sketch comedy" or "improv troupe" or "Sarah Palin," I immediately recoil in horror, but I wholeheartedly throw my endorsement behind OPM. I saw them perform at the Ford Amphitheatre a few weeks ago, and they're hysterically funny. Sketches included one in which Tyra Banks presented a new fashion line on her talk show called "Illegal Immigrant Chic," and Barack Obama and John McCain debated on a cable access show set in a Korean liquor store. Sold!

Unfortunately, I won't be in town, so you have to go in my place. Their shows have a tendency to sell out (Fringe awards such as Best Box Office, Best Sketch Group, and Best of the Fest seem to help), so buy tickets in advance or show up early. If you're in the Bay Area and you don't go to this show, YOU ARE RACIST.

Click here for more information and tickets.

(Alan, I hope you can prove me wrong someday about improv. Someday.)

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