Baby Daddy Drama

Barack Obama says that talking about candidates families is off limits. Okay, fine, I won't post a picture of Sarah Palin's daughter's hunky baby daddy. But am I allowed to continue my fascination with Sarah Palin conspiracies and gossip?

Is it okay to mention that Palin's Wikipedia entry was scrubbed just prior to the announcement that she was the Republican VP pick? Or that she used to be all for Alaska seceding from the union? Or that she's embroiled in a public corruption scandal involving some very fishy fundraising?

No? Okay. I won't mention those things then.


  1. hey! you posted again! you must not be in poland...unless the sex traffikers are very good to you.

  2. OH, my God. I need someone to throw up with.

    FOR THE RECORD: I just finished watching Sarah Palin and want to state that THAT BITCH IS WHY IS HATE THAT BITCH.

    Has Thatcher been reincarnated?

    Oh, my God. No, no, no...

  3. I never "LOL," but..."LOL!"