The Big Bounce

On Sunday, Loren and I joined East West Players' Marilyn and Peter for Teriyaki Bingo Day at Maryknoll Japanese Catholic Center in Little Tokyo (Downtown Los Angeles), where my Saturday playwriting classes are held. You already know how much Asians love gambling; inject a little bit of Catholic blood in there and hot damn!—there was no way that place wasn't going to be packed to the rafters.

To soften the blow of not winning anything (Marilyn and Peter took home fabulous door prizes though), I insisted on jumping inside one of the two bouncy castles that were set up in the parking lot. An older woman snapped at Marilyn and me, demanding that we watch out for the bouncing toddler—as if we weren't adult enough and responsible enough to avoid crushing him. Jesus Christ, that toddler weighed more than I did—how the hell was I going to crush him? (Click the pics to enlarge.)

The bouncy castle was loads of fun, but it didn't quite make up for the fact that I didn't win the most intriguing door prize of the day—something that the announcer simply described as "chocolate from another country." But maybe he just said that to be dramatic. He had a flair for drama. When the bingo board that kept track of the called numbers didn't light up at one point, he told us that people should not follow the board anyway. The bingo balls were the only things that had the official tally. He declared, "The balls don't lie!," before launching into a mini-monologue about his "balls."

Gotta love them Catholics. They can say the craziest shit—because they know they can be absolved of the filth in confession. Makes for a gloriously unpredictable Teriyaki Bingo Day.


  1. i used to be the bingo goddess for our parish...

    now, THOSE were good times! crazy ladies with oxygen tanks and cigarettes... everyone always giggling when they call O69!! and, the intensity of the players, with good luck charms and shit..

    (i've never played, though.. how odd)

  2. Haha, toddlers are so easy to bounce out of those things...

    You like to gamble?


  3. maicle9/22/2008

    What is with you and Jesus these days? God.

  4. I finally got to see what type of shoes you where. That is so exciting. You can tell a lot about someone by their shoes.

  5. Quin and Maicle, bingo is a glorious gift from god! :) And Jesus Christ died for your many many many many many sins!

    Superbadfriend, you know, if I wanted to hurt that toddler, I totally could've!

    Mike, my shoes tell you that I am a smart, hot, talented individual that even straight guys want a piece of. But you already know that.