David Letterman Is Pissed

Aside from wanting to postpone Friday's presidential debate, John McCain also cancelled an appearance on the David Letterman show, causing the cantankerous host not only to rib the Senator about his absence (especially because McCain apparently had time to be on TV with Katie Couric), but also to call McCain out on this "smelly" debate ploy:

And speaking of Katie Couric, it was interesting to watch Sarah Palin crumble under the thumb of—GASP!—another woman. No sexism here. Just head-shaking wonder.

[Thanks to Ken Narasaki and Louise Larsen for posting this.]


  1. That shows no class. Absolutely no class.

  2. Letterman should be pissed. McCain cancelled because he said he needed to get back to Washington ASAP to help fix the country's financial mess. Fine. Good. But then he sits down with Katie Couric for an interview and doesn't even head back to D.C. until Thursday morning? How does this qualify as helping the natiopn? Or suspending his campaign?

    I'm embarrassed to admit that, at one point (2000), I would have willingly voted for this guy.