Demonic Jukebox*

OMG, do you remember Aztec Camera? This song just randomly played on my Rhapsody player, and it brings back sweet memories:

Don't you wish you lost your virginity to that song...? Well, actually, come to think of it, it's kind of a depressing tune to have your cherry popped to. So I retract.

[*Thusly titled because selected songs are so catchy that they will get stuck in your head all week, which is, frankly, demonic.]


  1. Yes, Yes! Aztec Camera, what a name! I love that wee granny in the beginning. ahh.

  2. Never knew Aztec Camera's lead singer was Neil Finn's long-lost twin brother! I love this song, thanks for the memory. Don't think I'll watch the video again, though. I'll just listen to the song.

  3. Is Roddy Frame gay? Anyone know? Anyone? Anyone?