Gay Aiken! (This Is News?)

Look, even those with broken gaydar always knew Clay Aiken was as queer as my 2(x)ist boxer briefs.

But, Clay, I am proud of you for saying it out loud and in public. It feels good, doesn't it? I'm sure Lance Bass can give you a few pointers. And now you can continue soliciting gay sex online without fear of persecution.... Well, on second thought, maybe you should lay off the online sex for a little while. Just a little while.

Remember when Clay's cover of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" made me cry? Remember?!:

[Thanks to Michael Karo and Marisela Orta for alerting me to this.]


  1. wait. clay is gay? no way... i mean, my gaydar is perfect. next thing i know, you'll be telling me you and peter are gay.

  2. THIS version of Bridge by Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple is a true tear-jerker. Fiona comes in at 1:45 and the two voices compliment each other so beautifully.

  3. I figured that out when he kept up with his eyebrow plucking.

  4. This would have been news, like, two years ago. Now? It's more like stating the obvious--I'm surprised the cover doesn't have "Duh!" in parentheses at the end of the headline.

    And I must agree with Mr. Valentino--that version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Johnny Cash & Finona Apple is heartbreakingly beautiful. Makes me cry every time.

  5. Yes, I know that Johnny Cash cover, and you're right. It's pretty great, as is the entire American series. All hail Rick Rubin!