Getting in Touch With My Inner Vagina

I didn't go see Baby Mama when it came out in the theaters because it looked like another film in the long tradition of vagina movies—like Sex and the City, The Women, 27 Dresses—of which, as you know, I am not fond. But after Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's brilliant turns as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton this past weekend, how could I not give their estrogen-drenched comedy a shot now that it's out on DVD?

Well, guess what? Baby Mama, the story of a successful but infertile businesswoman (Fey) and her white trash surrogate mother (Poehler), is one of the most consistently funny films I've seen in a while. Sure, the humor devolves into Hollywood dumb in a few instances (Greg Kinnear takes a speeding baseball to the back), but the majority of the humor is alternately smart, snappy, subtle, and outrageous. Fey and Poehler's class-war rapport is right on, as is terrifically funny appearances by Steve Martin, Dax Shepard, and Sigourney Weaver, who hits it straight out of the ballpark (who knew?). And who the hell is Romany Malco? This guy is hysterical! (I just looked him up—he's the black guy in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.)

Former Saturday Night Live writer Michael McCullers makes his directorial debut here, and his sense of comic timing is surprisingly assured and refreshing:


  1. I love Romany Malco.
    I met him at some AMPAS event, he was such a nice and approachable guy...and super stylish. He's also on Weeds, which I've been watching a lot of recently.

  2. Yeah, I sure do like to watch Romany Malco on Weeds. He's pretty.

  3. He's not just pretty on Weeds, his character Conrad seems awfully essential now that he's missing from Season 4.

    But how much did you wish for Romany's character to hook up with Amy's? I did even if it would have been predictable.

  4. I hate teen movies like this and Old School (which I walked out of in the theater), but that one clip of Amy P. saying, "I don't know your life!" is hysterical.