Harry Potter Wants to Be a Woman

The cover photo of Daniel Radcliffe on the latest issue of Details is luscious, sure, but the inside David Bowie-inspired, vaguely anime-style spread manages to be both titillating and creepy. Click to enlarge:

But I've got to tell you: after reading an interview of another hot actor in a previous issue of Details, I thought to myself, about that actor, "Man, what a douchebag." What a disappointing reality check—they all can't be pretty and smart and personable. So it was a pleasant surprise that Harry Potter is friendly, charming, and more well-read than I am.

He also makes some shocking revelations. He's into cougars, having lost his virginity to one at the tender age of 16:

Also for the record, he celebrated reaching Britain's age of consent, 16, almost three years ago, in the customary manner, with an older girlfriend. The age difference "wasn't ridiculous," he says. "But it would freak some people out."

Maybe because he's surrounded by people at least twice his age, Radcliffe tends to date older women.

Lest you recoil at the thought of Harry Potter boffing someone's grandma, I found out from another source that the lucky woman was actually 23.

Further along in the interview, he reveals how he really wants to be a woman!:

I ask him about other dream parts: Super-villain? Terrorist? Sex fiend? "I think part of me would love to play a drag queen," Radcliffe says, "just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup."

Daniel Radcliffe, thanks for not being a douchebag.

Read the whole interview here.

Check out the brief, adorable video interview:


  1. OMG, I just read the piece. He sounds awesome. Kinda sexy. I could totally bang this kid. He's into older women and all afterall....

  2. I love that he seems well-adjusted. It cracks me up that as glam as they made him up, he still has these amazingly thick masculine eyebrows.

  3. Yes, he is amazingly thick.

  4. WOOHOO! http://www.queerty.com/daniel-radcliffes-penis-revealed-20080910/