"Jesus Is My Friend"

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, September 21, 2008
If I knew how much you all would love Christian ministry musical numbers, I would've started posting them a long time ago! Every time someone left a comment about The Renewed Mind video, I would laugh again at the sweet (and painful?) memory. So thanks. Your heavenly reward? Brace yourself for this:

I was going to list every individual detail that I love about this video, but the list would go on forever. I leave it up to you....

[Thanks to Allegories of a Bundle of Sticks for posting a link to this in the comments section.]
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  1. Noel Alumit Said,

    I think I saw the lead singer at a gay pride festival wearing a jockstrap.


  2. William Said,

    This suggests that, while their church might not approve of gay sex, they are very accepting of sublimated homoeroticism:

    "[. . .] Jesus came and found me/ and he touched me down inside./ He is like a Mountie/ he always gets his man."


  3. that's it I'm starting a band...


  4. I was totally unprepared for that rocksteady rhythm. Toots and the Maytals ain't got nothin on these boys (white folks always do it better anyway).

    Wait, are you mocking this song?


  5. michael_karo Said,

    well, i love ska but...



  6. LOL x 10.


    Oh, my God, I'm still laughing.

    I'm speechless other than laughter.

    Thanks, Prince!


  7. Quin Browne Said,

    i'm thinking release a 45, with this on the 'a' side, and 'rock me jesus' on the 'b' side... the videos would be amazing.


  8. Cheryl Said,

    "He taught me how to praise my god and still play rock and roll." So the singer is saying he plays rock and roll on the side when he's not busy with his Jesus-band day job, right? Because otherwise I think Jesus may be confused about his musical genres, not that there's anything wrong with praising one's god through polka.


  9. Stephanie Said,

    So I click play, begin the torture, and then realize that for some sick twisted glitch in the program, I can't stop it. Literally the pause button won't work! So I had to listen to the whole thing.

    Jesus is out to get me! And he's using faulty HTML!


  10. I can't praise this video (or His name!) enough! Those outfits! The mostly stiff backing vocalists! The guitar-player bouncy dance! The lead singer's slightly exposed chest! That hair! Zap! J-J-J-Jesus! Oh lawd, I praise you!


  11. By the way...I would so do that lead singer.


  12. Michael Said,

    And he would so do you, but I'm not sure you could get him out of that suit without a crowbar and some soap...oh, wait...nevermind.


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