Live Chat: Truth and Consequences

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, September 16, 2008
My first live, public Fireside Chat with Mike Valentino was, admittedly, a grand experiment, but Mike and I agree that it was fun, with about a dozen or so cool chatters and a few anonymous observers checking in and out. We may try it again in the near future, but I need to have Mike all to myself for a little while, thank you very much.

In case you don't want to wade through the rather lengthy chat transcript (which officially starts at the 7:05PM mark), I've selected some highlights to share with those of you who were unable to join us. To avoid the confusion of crisscrossed discussion threads, I've separated them out for easier reading, as well as made some edits to correct typos....

HOLY SHIT! Guess what, folks? I just cut and pasted the transcript into a Word document to do some editing, and it comes out to 34 pages! I'm not going to edit that shit! I mean, I love you and all, but I'm too busy organizing my Michael Phelps online photo album to spare an hour.

So just know we had a good time with a diverse array of people—from all around the country (California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, etc.) and of all different ages (jail bait as young as 16 and folks as mature as fortysomething [maybe higher? I'm not sure]).

[By the way, if you keep wondering about this continual bombardment of Michael Phelps photos, I post them when I feel the blog is getting too uncomfortably political or, in this case, when I don't know what the hell else to post. Shut up. You like it. Especially YOU. Perv.]
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  1. Madley Said,

    I'm so fucking pissed my computer went out and I couldn't get to the library in time!!!! ARRGH! I hope you'll post transcript SOMEWHERE... I need my Prince/Mikey V. fix!


  2. Yeah, we were pretty awesome.

    Madley missed out and Quin ducked out. Psh. Who cares? No, I'm not crying. I got something in my eye.


  3. Madley Said,

    Oops... just saw there's a link to the 34-page transcript. I'll have read tonight after a long hot bath and a glass of chardonnay... can't wait!

    And Mikey... I KNOW you care ;)


  4. Quin Browne Said,

    hey! i was helping my sister in law order blow up dolls online, so we wouldn't have to suffer though walking into a sex store, and falling down with the giggles.

    you know, it was an important thing..

    then, i got loaded.

    what? i had cancer! it was for medicine reasons...


  5. Peter Varvel Said,

    I'm always too much of the eager exhibitionist, even verbally or just in text form.
    Next time I'm going to silently read as the anonymous voyeur and just . . . lurk.


  6. Quin Browne Said,

    peter, you are SO lying.



  7. Peter Varvel Said,

    Look, Prince. Quin just took over Mike's #2 spot in the I Stalk Prince More Than You-Comments race.
    Now, I REALLY have to watch my ass!


  8. You know, this comments thread is taking care of itself. I don't even need to do anything!


  9. Peter- If you look at your photo from far away (uh, like a computer desk) it looks like you're crouching down or riding a skateboard.


  10. Oh, and no one's scared of Quin. Except me.


  11. Are you kidding me? Everyone's scared of Quin! She tells strangers in checkout lines basically to fuck themselves. Seriously.


  12. Telling strangers to go fuck themselves? Yeah, that's bad. But I once married an Irish woman just so I would have a red-headed stepchild to beat in public. That's how bad I am.


  13. Yeah? I punched a pregnant woman in the stomach on Christmas once and got arrested. JUST so I could go to jail and rape a man on Jesus' birthday!


  14. Why do you make me laugh and then feel guilty about it afterward? You're like fucking a whore.


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