Making Out on CNN

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, September 16, 2008
You know those idiots who sometimes stand in the background and make faces at the camera when news reporters are trying to cover a story? Well, once in a while a couple guys get delightfully imaginative. Watch the two fellows on the right side of the frame:

I love how the anchorwoman tries to explain it away!

[Thanks to Louise Larsen for sending me this.]
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  1. Madley Said,

    I think it's called "photobombing" -- funny! (BTW, I'm trying to get my comments #'s up... I'm still bummed I missed that chat! grrr.)


  2. You actually don't have far to go to catch up to the bitches at the top!


  3. Peter Varvel Said,

    That's right, I'm a Top Bitch, and don't you forget it, you Bottom Bitches!
    . . . wait, were we talking about comments?


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