Making Out on CNN

You know those idiots who sometimes stand in the background and make faces at the camera when news reporters are trying to cover a story? Well, once in a while a couple guys get delightfully imaginative. Watch the two fellows on the right side of the frame:

I love how the anchorwoman tries to explain it away!

[Thanks to Louise Larsen for sending me this.]


  1. I think it's called "photobombing" -- funny! (BTW, I'm trying to get my comments #'s up... I'm still bummed I missed that chat! grrr.)

  2. You actually don't have far to go to catch up to the bitches at the top!

  3. That's right, I'm a Top Bitch, and don't you forget it, you Bottom Bitches!
    . . . wait, were we talking about comments?