Malfeasance Revisited

Recount, an HBO film just released on DVD, is a surprisingly fast-paced and entertaining political potboiler about the 2000 presidential election, in which the Al Gore camp fought election malfeasance in the battleground state of Florida. While it's never advisable to revisit a nightmare no matter how thrillingly it unfolds, the movie is chock full of terrific performances by the likes of Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary. The highlight, though, is Laura Dern, who plays Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. The fight for the presidency fell into her backyard, and she instantly became a woman who was in way over her head. Dern's borderline caricature is biting, hilarious, and strangely endearing:

Goddammit, too much politics lately. So: Michael Phelps takes a shower! Don't drop the soap!:

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  1. I remember how pissed I was after seeing Recount when it first aired.

    Thankfully, the memory didn't last long after seeing that Michael Phelps clips. OMG! I'm gonna go watch it again.

    I love you!