Mission Not Accomplished

So the chat room service that I used for Bamboo Nation's first live chat session sucks. I was having technical difficulties prior to the event, and for 50 minutes I couldn't see people entering and exiting and reportedly getting kicked out repeatedly. Sorry, folks. Back to the drawing board. Anyway....

Well, John McCain can't give a speech to save his life either, but at least he's a lot less frightening than Scarah Palin. Or Sarah Failin. (Take your pick.)

Is it just me, or did he not really say anything?


  1. Michael9/04/2008

    I don't know, John McCain gas a pretty frightening smile.

  2. That's true. And his flat punchlines are pretty scary as well.

  3. I don't know, I was too busy listening to the ground noise and the static.

  4. Stephanie, oh, yes, I loved the interruptions! DRAMA!