New Homo on the Block?

A reader left me a comment last week that called my attention to a hot rumor about one of the New Kids on the Block—namely, Jonathan Knight—being gay. I was waiting for this to be confirmed before I was going to write anything about it, but it's been more than a week now and the wait is getting ridiculous, especially if he's as out and happy as reports suggest.

The New Kids have been doing the press rounds in support of their "comeback" album (which sports at least one funky good single, "Summertime"), and their appearances have made for awkward moments when broaching the subject of Jonathan's private life. reports:

As historically gay-inclusive anchors Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer chatted up the five singers [on the Today Show], Morales pulled out the personal detail that "four of you have kids." Conversation could have easily moved beyond those four members' hetero-normative lifestyles and onto remaining band member Jonathan's allegedly gay one.

Alas, my journalistic heart sank as banter went no further than Donnie Walberg mentioning "there's a baby bus" to make life easier for the families of the musicians (except, it seems, a neutered Jonathan).

Even more maddening was an exchange two days prior on The View when the Kids hit the studio to perform a few songs and gab with show's gushing, giggling foursome.

After self-professed huge fan Elizabeth Hasselbeck mentioned that "four of you guys are parents" (apparently a popular topic to bring up), the hosts literally went down the line and asked each of the musicians what they've been up to since NKOTB disbanded in the mid-1990s.

And guess what we learned?

- Danny Wood has four kids and is vice president of a private jet company.

- Donnie Wahlberg has two sons, has acted, and "dabbled in music here and there."

- Joey McIntyre has a son, appeared on Dancing With the Stars, acted in Broadway's Wicked, and made solo records.

- Jordan Knight also recorded music, got married, and "made a couple babies."

- Jonathan Knight has "been home."


Huh, indeed.

The main reason he should publicly declare his homosexuality is so he can then start an all-gay, all-out boy band with Lance Bass ('N Sync), Stephen Gately (Boyzone, from the UK), and Mark Feehily (Westlife, also from the UK)—the latter two totally being the hottest in their respective groups. The possibilities are awesome!


  1. It always seems a little weird to me that some boy band members--let alone four fifths of them, apparently--are straight.

    And yeah, I hate that the alternative to being out is appearing to have no life. I've spent too much time actually just "being home" to ever want to fake it.

  2. Wait. Stop.

    Mark is gay? He is? Holy crap I have no idea. And to think back in the day I traded Scott of 5ive for him? Dammit. There goes a piece of my childhood.

    I really need to work on my gaydar. Seriously.

  3. Cheryl, yes, from now on "being home" is code for "being homo."

    TCDO, sorry for denting your childhood. "I'm Gay and Proud".

  4. Damn. Why couldn't it have been his brother, Jordan, who was gay?

  5. we need a name for this supergroup.

    new kids on the cock?


    tite enz?

  6. Doesn't he have the slight essence of -- MIKE VALENTINO? ROTFLMAO

    Can't wait for Monday...

  7. Peter, a boy can dream.

    Michael, I was thinking about holding a Name the Gay Boy Band Contest, but I think you already win with "New Kids on the Cock."

    Madley, MV's essence is in...everybody!

  8. It seems to me like the Harry Potter kid is the real queer. I've got $5 that he comes out in the next year. Any takers?