"The Office," "The Office," I Love "The Office"

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, September 11, 2008
In a recent post, I said that I only watched four first-run television shows, and it's only now that I've realized that I made a gross error. I don't know how I forgot to mention the American version of The Office (I guess it hasn't been on for a long time), which is hysterically funny and frequently (and oddly) moving. Sorry, Office, I love you. I will never forsake thee again:

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  1. Madley Said,

    AFGHANISTINANIS?!?!?! Ohmigod I can't stop laughing!


  2. Annie Said,

    Second favorite TV show of all time, after "Northern Exposure."


  3. "Aids in not funny. Believe me I've tried"

    Dexter. 24. The Office. US of Tara

    I will be busy these nights.



  4. I can't wait 'til "The Office" returns!


  5. Quin Browne Said,

    did you know phyllis used to be an exotic dancer??


  6. michael_karo Said,

    oh cool, i posted that exact clip on my blog last week...which is now located at http://m-karo.livejournal.com/...do drop by sometime, i'm ALMOST as clever as you at times!

    my boy just bought me season 4, he bought me all the other seasons for xmas last year.

    my fave line from season 4 so far: phyllis: "i'm lutheran and bob is a unitarian. it's keeps things spicy."


  7. Quin, yes, I think I read that somewhere. Wild!

    Michael, your blog may be inappropriate for minors! Perv!


  8. michael_karo Said,

    well i know you're a little over 14 so....come on over!

    there is a very pretty vietnamese butt there, but,...it's art! cuz i SAY it's art!


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