Oh, I Remember You're Talented

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, September 18, 2008
Whenever I'm in New York, Aaron Lee Fineman is too busy taking me to the places immortalized in Rent for me to pay proper attention to him. So sometimes I forget that he's a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer until I receive some notice of his work being shown in fancy galleries:

...This photograph is currently part of an exhibit at Calumet Gallery in New York until October.

I love Aaron's work because he likes taking pictures of sweaty, drugged-out teenagers (among other more respectable subjects).
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  1. Those kids make me never want to have kids.


  2. OMG, you are tied with Peter! Soon you'll be topping him! Er, I mean, you'll be at the top.


  3. VJESCI Said,



  4. Ah, yes, that Larry Clark is a national hero.


  5. My biggest regret from college is not having $500 to bid on/ purchase a signed copy of Lary Clark's "Teenage Lust" book from an auction house that I was working at.


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