Sarah Speaks!

The McCain camp is finally allowing Sarah Palin to talk to the press—which may be the greatest gift the Democrats have received in a while. I mean, just take a look at Charlie Gibson's interview with her on ABC, in which she dodges questions, doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about at certain times, and tries to use the fact that Alaska is kind of near Russia as evidence of her ability to deal with foreign affairs. I'm not kidding:

And it continues. Seriously. Go here for the rest of the interview.

In related news, Tina Fey may make a special appearance as Sarah Palin on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this Saturday, which will be hosted by (a hopefully speedo-clad) Michael Phelps and will feature a guest spot by Barack Obama. What a week this is!



  2. OMFG, that's hilarious! I'm still laughing!

  3. The first time I saw a picture of Sarah Palin I immediately thought of Tina Fey.

  4. She is seriously so stupid I'm still kind of immersed in the idea that this is all a big long dream I'm about to wake from: Did he REALLY pick her as running mate? And then I remember the Evangelical vote and I realize it's a sad, horrifying reality. I will give her this much: she caused my sister to use the "C word," which I've never heard her use before.

  5. I've decided that Micheal Phelps always accentuates his package in photo ops so as to distract from his big ears.

    And Sarah Palin is scary. The end.

  6. I finally got around to watching the interview today. The only thing i kept thinking was, "omg, what a fucking idiot." I think Joe Biden is going to tear her apart when they have the VP debate.

    The thing that scares, she's probably worse than Bush and I never imagined thatd be possible.

  7. Alan, she'd better be on! I'm giddy in anticipation!

    Scott, maybe your sister is finally becoming as filthy as you are.

    Jterry, I will take Michael Phelps accentuated or un-accentuated. And the things I could do with those ears....

    Ashley, I'm giddy about that VP debate too!