Sibling Rivalry

My mother sent me pictures of my sister and her new boyfriend of three weeks, who has already given my sister a diamond ring, proposed, and asked for my mother's blessing. Now I would never post those privately e-mailed photos here on this blog—but I could hide them on a back page of my website and then give you the link. But are there ethical implications here? Issues of privacy? I'm not sure. Opinions?

All I know is that if I have to go to another fucking wedding, I may very well shoot myself. (That is not a slight against anyone's wedding I have gone to in the past because I love you and your wedding. I'm referring to everybody else.)


  1. ethical implications are overrated. post the damn pictures! i've always been curious to see what your sister looks like anyway.

  2. I know what your sister looks like, because of that cover and spread in D Sport magazine! Or whatever the hell it was called.

    3 weeks? Who is she, Britney Spears? Is she knocked up?

  3. You have my sympathy.
    (Post them!)