The Sound of My Fury

Mr. Jon Hunt just e-mailed me this:

I had a dream last night that you got REALLY MAD at me for "plagiarizing one of your blog entries." You were FURIOUS! You said, "Jon, we're not friends anymore, and we never will be again." I tried to convince you it was a coincidence but you were having none of it, and at one point turned to fisticuffs!!

Is this dream expressing Jonny's subconscious view of me as an antagonistic blogger who will lash out at people for no good reason? Does he think that I have lots of bottled-up anger, that I'm a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode into a fireball of violence at the slightest perceived provocation? Or is this more an internal commentary about his unexplained internal guilt, undoubtedly caused by the fact that before I go to sleep every night I send this whispered message telepathically to him, "I'm watching you, Jon Hunt. I'm watching you."

And I am. How could I not? He writes impassioned posts in defense of Disney Channel music!

You know who else I'm watching today? Alan Goy, who wrote about his adventures with durian cheesecake—that's one brave white boy! And Chad Jones, who tells me that the closing night of Rent on Broadway will be filmed and shown at a movie theater near me—I am going at least twice! And Donovan Keith, who just arrived in Thailand with Loren—and was instructed, as he should be, "No prostitutes in guest room!" And, of course, Mike Valentino, who's trying to pimp his Jane to Pork Chop—could this be love?!

Yes, I'm watching you bitches! (What does it mean that these are all white guys?)


  1. Paulina is more excited to see Rent on Broadway later this month than she is about High School Musical 3 coming out. She's especially excited that it's Anthony Rapp playing Mark. It's going to be this big huge even in our house to go, although I will have to explain to the girls that knowing all the words doesn't mean they can sing along in the theater.

  2. whoa.

    what happened to sophie and pork chop???

    is she too much kitten for him to handle??

  3. Completely off topic: I think it's incredible that just in August you had the same amount of posts as you did in ALL of 2006.

    This may scream out Prolific Blogger to some, but Prince, I think you are addddddcited.

    Oh, btw, did you happen to catch how yummy Zach Efron looked at the MTV VMA's?

  4. LAP, did they actually say that Anthony was going to be playing Mark in the final show? I thought they only promised a "special appearance by" the original cast.

    Quin, Pork Chop is a playa. Don't h8! Don't h8!

    Zefron was at the VMAs? I'll have to look it up. Thanks.


  6. Who is that man he's with?

  7. It means that subconsciously, you are still a self-loathing Asian American who feels he needs the approval of the All Powerful White Man in order to feel acceptable and of any worth in our American society.

    GAWD, I hope not!