"The View" Ladies Open Up a Can of Whoop-Ass on John McCain

Did you hide your eyes while watching Charlie Gibson's merciless interview with Sarah Palin? Wait! There's more! The following night he grilled her on domestic issues. (Here's the first clip, the second clip, the third clip, and the fourth clip, if you really must subject yourself to it.) You couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for her, watching here crumble under the weight of direct (and perhaps mean, Charlie?) questioning. I mean, I was even willing to be convinced of the way she explained away Troopergate and the whole book-banning controversy. I no longer think she's evil—I think she's just a simple-minded lady who's in way over her head. Like Matt Damon, of all people, said: "It's like a really bad Disney movie." You know, like Hockey Mom Goes to Washington or something like that.

John McCain, I suppose, needs all the help he can get. His appearance on The View was less of an interview and more of an aggressive smackdown, mostly concerning Sarah Palin and abortion issues. Even resident conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck grilled him at one point. Oh, the horror!:

The segment continues here and here.

Man, if Palin and McCain keep falling apart on camera like this, maybe the people of this country will feel sorry enough for them that they might throw votes towards the Republicans out of sheer pity.

But don't despair, Democrats, especially over inaccurate polls! They don't tell the whole story.

Michael Phelps, save us from this madness!


  1. Well hello tiny Speedo man......you make me very happy.

  2. It was great when Whoopi asked if she had to be worried about ever having to be a slave again.

    I looooove Whoopi!

  3. To sum up, 1.) people love Whoopi Goldberg and 2.) people love to think about making whoopie with Michael Phelps.