I got back to Los Angeles just in time to tune into tonight's presidential debate. What a snoozefest! It made me all the more excited about the upcoming Sarah Palin-Joe Biden show, in light of a new Katie Couric clip that is so head-shaking, so squirm-worthy, and such persuasive evidence that next Thursday's vice presidential debate will be one of the most entertaining things on television all year:

Maybe I'll schedule another live chat during this debate because I know you'll be watching, even though not all straight guys want to fuck Sarah Palin. Some of them would rather fuck a pig. Sounds awfully hillbilly-ish, but I second that notion and back my BFF.

[Thanks to the ever-reliable Ken Narasaki for posting this video.]

[By the way, thanks to all you commenters for keeping this blog active while I've been relatively absent the last few days. It's good to know that Bamboo Nation can keep on chugging when I'm away.]


  1. I agree. I was actually able to walk away a couple of times and come back to the debate without really missing anything. Either way, I have to admit that I was really proud of Obama. I knew that since this debate was about Foreign Policy, it was McCain's chance to deal Obama a blow. But he didn't. I think anyone who was doubting Barack's readiness to lead was put to ease last night.

    I don't think it really swayed anyone's votes, but it gave confidence and affirmation those who had doubts about their candidates.

    I agree about the Biden-Palin Debate.

    From the Colbert Report writers:
    "Sarah Palin wins debate using knowledge from Snapple Cap Facts."

  2. Oh, I so have to do an online chat during the Palin-Biden show then. We will have so much fun!

  3. I'm not sure if "backing" me is code for anything, but. . .

  4. Mike, you should always assume I am always speaking in code and innuendo.