6 Things You Can Do to Stand Up for Equal Rights

After my previous post on gay marriage, I realized that I didn't really offer people a strong call to action. So, regardless of whether or not you're a Californian, you can participate in a little desktop activism if you are so inclined:

1.) If you're in California, VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 8.

2.) Regardless of whether or not you're in California, if you have friends and/or family in the state, talk to them about Proposition 8. If I learned anything from
Saving Marriage, it was that people can be swayed. If you need facts to refute the lies that are being spread on television and the Internet, go here. Additionally, if you need information about the difference between marriage and civil unions, go here.

3.) If you have gay friends in California who don't care about this issue or know people who don't understand what the big deal is, forward my previous blog post to them or talk to them about it.

4.) People seeking information online about Proposition 8 sometimes end up on discussion boards and blogs that are very one-sided. If you come across a discussion forum, post something to counter misstatements or outright lies; personal stories are especially useful. If you come across a blog, post a comment to provide the blogger with your very real and valid viewpoint; this will open up dialogue in a very one-sided forum and this will help to humanize gay people and their supporters. If you want to
actively seek out a discussion forum that needs to hear your voice, go to Google and type in "yes proposition 8 forum OR board" (without quotes); you will find sites you can go to and share your opinions. If you want to actively seek out blogs, go to Google Blog Search and type in "yes proposition 8" (without quotes); respectfully engage the blogger and his/her readers in a conversation.

5.) The poll shift showing a majority of Californians in favor of Proposition 8 can partially be attributed to the deceitful ads that have been running on television. I heard that No-on-Prop-8 ads which clear up those misconceptions actually help in changing people's opinions or encourage them to seek out the truth. But to air the No-on-Prop-8 ads takes money. If you are able to donate, go here.

6.) If you have your own blog or website, posting a No-on-Prop-8 banner or posting a helpful link to information or posting a cool video or writing an entry about Proposition 8 will help when people accidentally stumble upon your site. It's the whole idea behind brand messaging. If folks see enough of the messaging, they will get curious and they may even start to reconsider. (We have to go beyond Facebook, since your Facebook posts can only be viewed by your like-minded friends.)

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing from the "Right." I'm appalled.

    Videos suggesting the California wildfires were caused by giving gays and lesbians the right to vote?!

    We all need to stand together for equality on this one.

    Anyone who doesn't DO something is simply part of the problem.