The Agony of Decision-Making; or Help Me!

I love reading interviews with celebrities, but sometimes the results can be devastating. Remember when I finished an article about a hot actor I love and came away thinking, "Man, what a douchebag?" (Sorry, I can't reveal who it is, for fear of persecution, but, as a minor hint, I did rush out to see his last four movies in the theater.) It broke my heart.

Well, curses to blogger Casey Chapman, who not only posted a clip of Mark Wahlberg showing that he had no sense of humor about Andy Samberg's hilarious impression of him, but also pointed out that Marky Mark bristled at the idea of being cast in Brokeback Mountain. Here's Mark Wahlberg talking to Jimmy Kimmel about Andy Samberg:

Marky Mark, I saw every single one of your last eight movies! I've seen 14 of your movies in total! Do you know anyone besides your own mother who's seen 14 Marky Mark movies?! Why?! Why?! Whyyyyyyyyyy?! Get on my good side again! Please!

In related news, Jay Leno's interview with Zac Efron has been circulating around the Internet, but I'm afraid to watch it. I don't want my image of Zefron to be shattered beyond repair, especially since I'll be seeing High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin'(*) in less than a week. But I am so damn curious! So, it's up to you, dear readers, to watch this Zefron clip and let me know whether or not it's safe for me to see it. What do you think?! I'm dying to know! Will I still love him?! Will I?!


  1. It's safe, it's safe! Sir Zac is a hot as ever ;)

  2. don't waste your time. while he is polite and gracious, leno is moronic as only he can be there is no possibility of being at all real in that promo drivel.

    there is an ironically humorous bit about having his first drink for his 21st birthday, but only if you have seen the gazillion pics of him out trashed at the clubs.

    there is one of him with a long necked beer bottle that caused some major eye-rolling on the pap blogs.

  3. The interview is cute up til the point with the little "Zac as 12-year old" video. After that I zoned out.

    Now, with that out of the way, I'm about to commit heresy.

    I've always thought that Zefron was a little funny looking, and today, while at the grocery store, I finally figured it out, thanks to the cover of OK! magazine. Here it is:

    He looks like Laura Bush.

    I shall now go running away in fear. You'll find me in West Virginia in about 30 years.