A Boy Band for Obama!

Finally! A (fake) boy band called "Boybama" shoots a music video endorsing Barack Obama. The song is titled "Battleground for Your Heart":

[Thanks to Ken Narasaki for sending me this.]


  1. That's the most diverse boy band since Menudo. Damn pinko lefty commies.

  2. Anonymous10/18/2008

    I have nothing to say about this post. I just wanted to let you know that today is Zac Efron's 21st, so now it's legal for you to ply him with booze and poppers -- well, not poppers -- but it's legal for you to ply him with booze, just so long as you don't cross the line between "plying" and "raping". Anyway, stay away from that line, but good luck otherwise!

  3. McCain's plan for the economy:
    Marry a beer heiress.
    This is great!!

  4. The typed intro is GOLD.