Cast-less in Seattle

I would love to say that the road to being cast in my play, The Theory of Everything, in Seattle goes right through my bedroom, but that, sadly, is not true, no matter how much I attempt to make it so. The casting notice that was just released is below, my Pacific Northwest brothers and sisters.

My favorite part of the notice, of course, is where I am designated as "America's foremost Thai-American writer." Really? Is that true? Really? Didn't some Thai novelist win some Genius Grant or something not too long ag0? (This is the part where you tell me, "No, that's not true. You are America's foremost Thai-American writer." At which point, someone like Noel Alumit will dig into his literary memory bank to disprove my foremost-ness. Give me back my foremost-ness, Alumit!)

SIS Productions in Residence at Richard Hugo House Announces Auditions for The Theory of Everything on October 23 & 26, 2008

SIS Productions announces auditions for their Northwest Premiere of The Theory of Everything by Prince Gomolvilas and directed by Manuel R. Cawaling. The show will run February 20-March 15, 2009. Auditions will take place on Thursday, October 23 from 6:30-7:30pm and on Sunday, October 26 from 12-5pm. Location information will be provided when audition time is confirmed.

To schedule an appointment, actors should email and put "Audition" in the subject heading. Actors may also leave a message at 206-323-9443. Please include the following information: Name, Contact Info (email address and phone number/s), several options of Audition Date/Time preferred. Actors will receive a confirmation. If confirmation is not received, please do contact us again.

Actors are encouraged to prepare 2 contrasting monologues--each a minute or less in length. Monologues are optional. Sides of the script will be available. SIS Productions would like to see as many people who fit the character breakdowns as possible. Ethnic specificity is not required. Actors are encouraged to audition regardless of lack of prepared monologue or previous experience.

Character Breakdown:
Patty: 39, Female, Asian or Asian American (Thai American)
Gilbert: 21, Male, Asian American (Filipino American)
Lana: 21, Female, Asian American (Chinese American)
May: 65, Female, Asian (Thai immigrant)
Hiro: 41, Male, Asian or Asian American (Japanese American)
Shimmy: 43, Female, Asian or Asian American (Filipino American)
Nef: 26, Male, Asian American (Chinese American)

"A refreshing look at Asian-American issues of race, gender and identity, layered with deeper questions of life and death. Gomolvilas's writing is tight, intelligent, and funny.... Likeable characters and sharply written dialogue.... A play worth seeing for its humor and humanity."
--The Business Times, Singapore

Seven Asian Americans gather atop a Las Vegas wedding chapel every week to watch for UFOs and discover a unique personal bond as they each search for their own life's meaning. This vibrant and insightful comedy won the International Herald Tribune/SRT Playwriting Competition, the Julie Harris Playwright Award, and the PEN Center USA West Literary Award for Drama. A funny, moving, brilliantly written play about life and the meaning of existence by America's foremost Thai-American writer.

SIS Productions is a production company that strives to create, develop, and produce quality works that involve Asian-American women, their themes, and Asian-American issues. SIS Productions encourages opportunities and support for Asian-American women to be involved in all aspects of the production of artistic endeavors.

The Theater Residency at Richard Hugo House provides a home for all aspects of the companies' work during their two-year residencies including the venue, unlimited rehearsal space, office space, and storage, as well as cross marketing with Hugo House events. Hugo House awards two theater companies with residencies for two years each to bring the work of local playwrights to the stage. More information on these and other Hugo House writers-in-residence can be found at

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