Chunky Goodness

This is old news, but I missed it the first go 'round for some reason. You would think my inbox would've been flooded with e-mails about how this fat cat got stuck in a doggie door. Sometimes, I suppose, prison breaks are easier when you're not so huge:


  1. Anonymous10/17/2008

    Wow, I find Pork Chop so much less amusing now that you've introduced me to Goliath. Pork Chop is so banal. Goliath is the king of adorable.

  2. awhh! That looks like "Zuzu," my beloved, fat and, now, sadly, entirely dead cat.

    Her ashes live in a little gold can in the garage, just over the paint cans.

    I can't even sprinkle them, yet. It's only been 10 years, not that I'm sentimental, or anything.

  3. Anonymous, Pork Chop happens to love Goliath too. It's the love that dare not speak its name.

    Louise, I'd hang on to them too! :)