Demonic Jukebox*

Last night Trixi and Jonny attempted to round up the Gay Troops to help entertain their Gay Friend from Minneapolis. Because it was a school night, I was the only Gay to show up. "You know," I said when I walked through the door of Cafe La Boheme in WeHo, "I'm not really comfortable with being the Representative Gay of all of Los Angeles." I did not manage to reveal my authenticity and street cred until we got to Hamburger Mary's and Duffy's "Mercy" was playing and it caused me to Gay Head Bob. Damn, that's the best pop song I've heard in a long time (sorry, Britney)!:

[*Thusly titled because selected songs are so catchy that they will get stuck in your head all week, which is, frankly, demonic.]


  1. I love me some Duffy--and her music is awfully nice, too.

  2. You're like that Margaret Cho line, for the city of Los Angeles:
    "Is he da gay?"