Doggie Prison Break

[Thanks to Quin Browne for sending me this.]


  1. hey! i sent that to you and peter.

    you ingrate.

  2. Really? I just now got the link from Peter. Hmm. Wrong address? Spam filters? What happened? What else am I missing?!?!?!?!

  3. Oooh. Sorry, Quin!
    I just got it from a coworker, today.
    Prince, change the credit to Quin's name.
    Fo' REALZ.

  4. that is amazing. That must be the smartest dog to ever walk the earth. How did it know it could get out that way? And it look at those other poor dogs? Sitting there thinking "What the fuck? How did he get out?"

  5. I love how after it escaped that one dog on the inside paws the fence sadly. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  6. boys drool, girls rule!


    back to the dog, it was more than likely a bitch that showed him the way out.

    i think you should credit peter and i... after all, we'll have each other's back in the race.

  7. It's true! Beagles climb!

    Like cats! -- there's a beagle that scales cement walls like a cat. I guess after seeing Quinn's video it must be genetic. Poor foxes.


  8. yaaaaaaaaay puppy! I hope he didn't hurt himself.

  9. I didn't know so many of you would find this so inspiring. I guess we all love the taste of sweet freedom!