Fellow Bloggers, Unite a Little

Over the last few years Bamboo Nation has acted as its own little social network for fellow bloggers—many online friendships have been formed through here, and I'm pretty sure some of you have even fornicated with each other. Sluts!

So I decided to experiment with turning that theoretical social network into an organized entity via Ning. I've created a community for bloggers whose common connection is Bamboo Nation. Ning is a place where we'll be able to discuss things outside the scope of our individual blogs, encourage each other to grow our blog and blogging skills, and continue to get to know each other beyond the blogosphere.

So, if you're a blogger, become a member of the Bamboo Nation social network now.

I may open up the network to dedicated readers in the future, but I'd like to experiment a bit on a small scale.


  1. It won't let me sign up. That or YOU won't let me sign up.

  2. Mehehehe, I'm in. Just waiting for your approval now Prince dear =D

  3. How do I get to be part of the fornicatin'?
    Where do I sign up?