Fifth Grader Interviews Joe Biden--Someone Give This Kid His Own TV Show!

A Florida elementary school gave one of its adorable fifth grade students a microphone and a cameraman to cover a speech given by Joe Biden. The kid, who's hilarious in his earnestness (but avoids being somber because he's so high-spirited and good-natured), then lands a one-on-one interview with the Senator. There's so much to love and laugh at in this video, not the least of which is how the young reporter's interviewees don't hunch or kneel down to match his height, requiring him to stretch his arm upward and awkwardly to hold the microphone up:

"Senator Biden is now my homeboy." Ha ha ha ha ha! Myron's dance! Ha ha ha ha ha!

[Thanks to Ashley Aguirre for sending me this.]


  1. Fox news could learn a thing or two about fair and unbiased reporting from this...