The seventh season of 24 FINALLY premieres in January (a year late because of the WGA strike), but, to tease my addiction just a little bit, Fox will be airing 24: Redemption, a two-hour Jack Bauer ass-kick fest, on November 23. I saw the trailer tonight, and I just about pissed my pants in excitement. (New readers should note that 24 is my favorite show of all time. It's better than Shakespeare.) The following one-minute clip actually doesn't give too much away and contains only one possible spoiler (the identity of the new U.S. President), so it's pretty safe to watch:

For the more revealing three-minute trailer, go here.


  1. huh huh huh???? I feel like a 14 year old, I want to scream OMG!!!!!!! Why, oh why don't I live in the US? I want to see it now! So what's 24 redemption? The film or a TV show? I'm all excited. Shall I watch the trailer, OMG!!! I don't know what to do!!!!

  2. Ha ha ha. 24: Redemption is a two-hour movie that will bridge the gap between Season 6 and the upcoming Season 7. I think you can watch the trailer. I don't think the identity of the President is too big a spoiler--and you know me, I can't stand spoilers.

  3. Narrioch10/02/2008

    ohhh, 24 somehow always manages to mirror US politics and presidential candidates! Jack's gone a bit Rambo hasn't he? I hate to see him all tied up like that; did you have that feeling in Season 1 of 'will he/won't he survive'? At least I can watch now and know he'll make it to Season 7! Is Jack somehow solving the problems of the whole African continent or just one country?! I hope, hope we get over here soon!

    Good luck with your live blog later!