Free Theater Tickets

Tons of free theater tickets became available at noon today in cities nationwide (even in North Carolina!) as part of Free Night of Theater 2008. Only a few hours have passed as of this writing, but many of the shows are already sold out. However, there are still plenty of tickets to be had. Check it out. It's even endorsed by...Constantine Maroulis! I'm not kidding:


  1. oh, fuck me dead!

    i actually want to see the one damn show that had tickets available in utah.

    and it's sold out.

    let this be my lesson, to nag at prince to email me this stuff enough in advance that i can take advantage.

  2. You know, I do feel a touch guilty because I should've posted this long ago. Oh well. I now know better.... People CARE. :)

  3. Way to harsh my boner. D: Minnesota doesn't even HAVE any free tickets.

  4. Blau, that's crazy, considering Minneapolis has such a great theater scene!