Heaven Help Them

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, October 05, 2008
Remember when I posted some of the worst album covers ever? Well, since we've been talking about religion lately, here's an appropriate album cover for you:

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  1. jterry Said,

    My grandmother (the one I like) had the same hair as the woman on the left, but in Rose Nyland blond. Sadly, her hair is much less poofy with age.


  2. oh my. i don't even know what to say...


  3. Are they all...women?


  4. maicle Said,

    I feel like that hair is photoshopped onto them.


  5. Photoshop could not possibly create a picture so horrifying.


  6. Peter Varvel Said,

    No straight men wanted to use them.
    They had to make that plea to Jesus.


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